A family boat tour in Caño Negro

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Jul 05 2019

A family boat tour in Caño Negro

The sun rises at 5am this morning. No clouds, finally after a few days of cloudy sky, and some rain.
We leave the hotel to discover the Refuge of Caño Negro with a nice family with 2 young kids. We begin navigating the lagoon just in front of the hotel, called “La Capilla”.

We start the day spotting a beautiful vivid brown and yellows wings Jacana walking over a lily. And suddenly a deep black mal of Nicaraguan crackle flirting to a female. We continue in the lagoon, where a shiny white Great Egret, was just posing for us.
A huge male of iguana, almost orange, with a couple of females, feeding on a tree.

After spotting few red wings black birds, we leave the lagoon, and we enter the Rio Frio, the main river that across the National Refuge of Caño Negro.

King fisher were all over the river, taking a morning bath. Amazon and ringed king fisher just stand for a great picture.

We continue following the river down, and we went in Caño de Los Patos, a river brunch with some current, that flood the adjacent forest, with a possibility to spot few kinds of heron and egrets. Instead, a big light green basilisk, a road side hawk, and finally a relaxed caiman.

Since a few weeks, herons began nesting, and today was possible to watch a Tiger Heron breeding.

Very close at Caño del Indio, in the distance we spot white faced monkeys, so we jump out of the boat and we walk in the forest. There they were eating some leaves. It was a lucky morning about monkeys, we have the chance to also see howlers and spider monkeys.

On our way back, we saw green heron broods in the nest, a very large turtle, and at the very end a majestic snail kite.

We were back at the hotel just in time for a healthy 9:30 breakfast, with organic fruits and natural juice with the natural product from our botanical garden.

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