Birding Costa Rica for Black Skimmer

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Aug 10 2019

Birding Costa Rica for Black Skimmer

Birding Costa Rica for the Black Skimmer in Caño Negro, is definitely not the usual place. But this year we saw them few times: in late April, just before the rainy season fill the lagoons, and now the first week of August, with the lagoon on a mid water level.

According to the “Birds of Costa Rica Field Guide”, this is a fairly common migrant in the Gulfo de Nicoya, in Guanacaste,  and rare in any other location along the coast. Yes the coast.

But in Caño Negro they like to visit us.

Birding Costa Rica for black skimmer


According to e-bird.org, “Unusual tern-like bird with oversized bill—lower mandible is much longer than upper mandible. Feeds by flying close to surface of water and dipping its lower mandible into the water “skimming” for small fish. Found coastally, especially beaches and sandbars. Barking “yip” calls might clue you in to a flock in flight..”

They have a very beautiful flight. They like to fly just over the water, when they open the pick and scratch the surface. In flight they also sing, listening is sound.

An other very uncommon bird for this wetland is the American white pelican. They also pay a nice visit this early dry season, around January, for just few days.


Is very lovely to see the Black Skimmer flying in couple in Caño Negro Wetlands .

When you organize your birding vacation in Costa Rica, keep in mind that in Caño Negro you can spot some unusual bird.




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