Birding Costa Rica for Yellow headed Caracara

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Aug 13 2019

Birding Costa Rica for Yellow headed Caracara

Birding Costa Rica for the Yellow Headed Caracara in Caño Negro, is the place to be.

According to the Birds Of Costa Rica field guide, Milvado chimachima is not very common around Caño Negro. Even the digital app guide of eBirds refer August as a slow month for this birds. Beside so, actually it was very active. We have the chance to spot it during few weeks around final of July first 2 weeks of August. Actually they was flying in couple, and in certain occasions we spot juveniles.

According to oiseaux-birds.com, they like to stay “sitting on the back of cattle or other mammals and taking ticks from them”. So, when you are in birding Costa Rica for the Yellow headed Caracara, try to look for some high dead tree, in an open area around lagoons, where you can also find some cows.

Yellow-headed Caracara is omnivorous. You can find it walking on the ground looking for carrion, dead animals, like caiman or snakes. This bird like road kills, insects and caterpillars, amphibians, small birds, and fish. Finally, you can also see it consuming the fruits of the oil palm Elaeis, maize and horse dung.
It is well known for picking off ticks from cattle, and it is often seen perched on their back.

In Caño Negro Wetlands, definitely, it can find all kind of food he likes.

Birding Costa Rica yellow headed caracara


Neotropical Birds indicate on his description, that the habitat of the Yellow headed Caracara start in Costa Rica south, all over central and South America. And Caño Negro is the northern place you can find it. But actually, is very present in Caño Negro Wetland.


The Yellow-headed Caracara is a small, pale caracara of open habitats in lowlands from the north of Costa Rica, with a very important presence in Caño Negro wetlands.

When you organize your birding vacation in Costa Rica, keep in mind that in Caño Negro you can spot many kind of birds of pray, such as very important the Snail Kite, the White tailed Kite, Black collared Hawk, laughing falcon, bat falcon, and many others.




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