Birding Costa Rica for Nicaraguan Grackle

The bird of your checking list
Aug 03 2019

Birding Costa Rica for Nicaraguan Grackle

Birding in Costa Rica is not complete if you do not have the Nicaraguan Grackle in your check list with a big check.

According to the Neotropical Birding guide, in Costa Rica this bird is unique of Caño Negro area.

The Nicaraguan grackle (Quiscalus nicaraguensis) is a species of passerine bird belonging to the genus Quiscalus, a genus of grackles in the New World blackbird family, Icteridae. Is a Long-tailed blackbird, very similar to Great-tailed Grackle but much smaller. Male is shiny black with some bluish-violet glossiness. The female is very similar to female Great-tailed but smaller and paler below.

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Nicaraguan grackle is present all year around, but they like to change location based on the water level of the lagoon. You normally see them on the shore of the river specially in dry season, and on low tree inside of a lagoon during the rainy season.

The sound is very characteristic, and you can distinguish faraway.


Nicaraguan Grackle, or Quiscalus nicaraguensis, is the bird that all serieus birdwatcher come to see in Caño Negro Wetlands.

When you organize your birding vacation in Costa Rica, be sure the Nicaraguan Grackle is on you list, and the write destination in Caño Negro Wetlands.


Birding Costa Rica, nicaraguan grackle female

Birding Costa Rica, nicaraguan grackle


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