Birding Trogons in Costa Rica

The Trogons of Caño Negro
Aug 20 2019

Birding Trogons in Costa Rica

Birding Trogon in Costa Rica

The Trogons of Caño Negro.

Birding in Costa Rica, at the Refuge of Caño Negro, is also about trogons. Actually, you can spot and pictures the Black-headed and the Slaty tails trogon in the botanical garden of Hotel de Campo.

Trogons that you can mostly spot in Caño Negro wetlands are:

  1. Black-headed Trogon (Trogon melanocephalus)
  2. Slaty-tailed Trogon (Trogon massena)
  3. Gartered Trogon (Trogon caligatus)
  4. Black-Throated Trogon (Trogon rufus)


The firsts two trogons are usually easy to spot and to pictures. So if you like this bird, Caño Negro is an easy choice for your next birding vacation.

Meanwhile, the gartered and the black-throated are a little bit more difficult to spot close to people. The gartered trogon is much more fearful bird. Even so, around July and August, is more active in certain parts of the refuge.

birding trogons in Costa Rica

The Black-headed and the Gartered are very similar. Watch the inside of the tail to see the difference on the white stripe, and if is close enough the color of the ring around the eye. For the black-headed, the white stripes are large, and the ring around the eyes are blue. For the Gartered, the white stripes are thinner, and the ring is yellow.


birding trogon in Costa Rica, gartered trogon Caño negro wetland


birding trogon in Costa Rica, gartered trogon Caño negro wetland

If you like birding for trogons, come to Caño Negro. Is the wright place to spot them.

I steel miss for the Black-throated trogon, which you can spot in an area where the forest is denser. I hope I can have some footage of it very soon.


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