Birding Vacation Package Costa Rica

Vacation in Costa Rica made easy
Aug 17 2019

Birding Vacation Package Costa Rica

Planning yours Birding Vacation Package Costa Rica?

Looking for a birding lodge in Costa Rica?

Well, here we have a simple solution that fix all your needs, because our Birding Vacation Package Costa Rica are fully customizable.

We prepare for you, few different vacation packages. Those starting options are based on a basic interest:


Nature LoverBirder/PhotographerAdventure Traveler.


From there, we organize the tours, and most important, we do perform the tour based on your expectations. A Birding Vacation Package Costa Rica must to meet your standards.

For the nature lovers, we are going to explore the lagoons, the rivers, and also an easy walk in the forest if you visit us in the dry season. When we go for nature lover tours, we are looking for most forest along a river. So, we do have more chance to spot the 3 kinds of monkey: spider monkeys, howler and capuchin monkeys. Caiman, iguanas, anteater are also de species we can watch.

For birder and photographer, we are going to explore the refuge of Caño Negro based on the bird’s request list, based on the season (if is low or high the water level of the lagoon). We are going to search birds in the forest, on the shore, in the lagoons. Tell us if you have some preference, and we organize the best birding tour in Costa Rica.


If you feel more an adventure traveler, we can explore the refuge by canoe or kayak, and walking any time in the forest. With the canoe, we can go where you cannot go with the boat. The sound of the nature is great during the tour. And we can stop along the river for a short hike.


A simple solutions that work for your vacation in Costa Rica.

So, what are your plans for your next vacation in Costa Rica?

If you have any questions, please feel free to write to us. I am sure I can help you to arrange the best time in Costa Rica at the Caño Negro wildlife refuge.

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What to bring for a great vacation in Costa Rica?

There are few basic stuff that you need all around Costa Rica. This list is for every body.

  1. Repellent and Mosquito “plaquitas” (in google, just type “plaquitas mosquitos”.

YES, in Costa Rica, ALL around Costa Rica we do have mosquito. Try to buy the repellent in Costa Rica, is stronger.
Also, for your hotel room, we do have a special electric item, is an electric burner with insert, in Spanish is “plaquitas”, that work perfectly, and you buy it in every supermarkets.

  1. Long pants and long sleeve. I know is hot. But when we visit the nature, the refuge, specially when we go for a walk, or during a night walk for frogs, long pants and long sleeves are a must.
  2. Good pair of shoes. Please, avoid “chancletas”, flip-flop, any kind of flip-flop when you visit nature.
  3. A middle-class binocular 8×36 or 8×40 is a very good decision. Today you can purchase a good binocular for an $100.
  4. A decent camera. Even if pictures is not your thing, cellphone camera are useless for nature pictures. They work fine for panoramic, but if you like to take a picture to a monkey, will be useless.
  5. Cellphone local chip-card. Purchase a pre-paid local line. They work fine in all Costa Rica. So you will be sure to have internet for whatsapp and other communication. Sometime, when you travel in hotel that are not close to a city, there is no cables company that offer the service. So hotels do not have a good wifi service.
  6. If you are a birdwatcher, is very useful to have a good cellphone, a good bluetooth speaker, and the application of Merlin Bird ID. (for Android and IOS) Install this app at home, download the bird-package for Costa Rica and Nicaragua. This is the best way to attract birds around. For example, when you have a moment in the garden of your hotel, like we do at Hotel de Campo, use the sound. Call the birds.

If you need any other information, if you have some question, please do not hesitate to reach us.


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