Caño Negro Boat Tour: Agami and Pygmy

Agami Heron
Jun 08 2019

Caño Negro Boat Tour: Agami and Pygmy

Before begin this Caño Negro Boat Tour, we started with a big breakfast in the morning to be prepared birding at the lagoon in front of the hotel, and further on on the Rio Frio in the Caño Negro Refuge. Because of the sunny weather we were able to take some beautiful pictures. 

We started with an Anhinga and ended up seeing rare birds like an Agami Heron which is listed as vulnerable by the IUCN, a Black Skimmer which is actually a seabird, an American Pygmy Kingfisher, a Scarlet-rumped Caciques and so much more.

Coming back to the Hotel, we felt really fortuned to see so many things that day.



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