Cano Negro Refuge Boat tour capuchin monkey

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Cano Negro Refuge Boat tour capuchin monkey
Aug 12 2021

Cano Negro Refuge Boat tour capuchin monkey

Cano Negro Refuge Boat Tour Capuchin Monkey


Capuchin monkeys has a strong presence at the National Refuge of Caño Negro. Also, you can spot Spider Monkeys and Howler monkeys.

This monkey is commonly seen throughout Costa Rica, especially at the Refuge of Caño Negro. It is also known as white-faced monkeys. This is a small primate and is widely recognized as the most intelligent New World monkey
In the Caño Negro National Refuge on the north side of Costa Rica, a trip on the Rio Frio and the lagoons of Caño Negro is always amusing, especially if you like to see monkeys. We do have always 3 kinds of monkeys: The Capuchin Monkey (White-faced Monkey, Cebus capucinus). When you come to Caño Negro, you must stay at Hotel de Campo. This Hotel is the only one located directly in front of the lagoon. This Eco-Lodge Hotel offers a wide range of activities. A boat tour through the Caño Negro refuge is one of them.

What Should I Bring to really enjoy an ecotour in Cano Negro Refuge Boat tour capuchin monkey?

A very good pair of binoculars. And if you are a photographer a camera with a lens of at least 400mm. Remember that we are in a national refuge, where animals are free. Even if you have very good eyes, a good pair of binoculars is always a great idea.

Also, for the rainy season, a raincoat is always with you. Our boat has a roof, but it will be better to have a raincoat.

To enjoy Caño Negro at most, you can choose between one of our pre-designed vacation packages. Or, you can contact us for a customized vacation package.

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