Canoe and kayak at the Wildlife Refuge of Caño Negro

The wildlife in your hands
Oct 05 2019

Canoe and kayak at the Wildlife Refuge of Caño Negro

Canoe and kayak at the Wildlife Refuge of Caño Negro


Yes, Canoe and kayak at the Wildlife refuge of Caño Negro, is an activity you can practice all around the year.

If you are a person that really likes to be more in touch with nature, and you are a sporty person, well… the canoe or kayak tour is just for you.

During the rainy season or even in the dry season, we can visit places that you cannot visit by boat.
This guided tour lasts at least 3 hours, we have a lot to cover. During this time we go slowly along the river and the lagoon to spot birds, caiman, monkeys, iguanas, basilisc.
Of course, basics canoe or kayak skills are a must, and also a basic physical condition: we are going paddling a few hours.
Depending on the season, we can take a chance to hike in the forest.

Caño Negro Wetland is the right place to practics canoe or kayak.

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<strong>For your canoe or kayak vacation, Caño Negro is the place to visit</strong>.

How is a normal day for kayak or canoe in Caño Negro?

We have a great breakfast very soon in the morning, and by 7:30 we are ready to go! This is the moment you get in touch with nature. No motorboat noise. Just the sound of nature.


Where we go canoeing in Caño Negro?

Well, this depends on the season and your interest. You can spend a few days in Caño Negro, and we can organize every time a new expedition.
During the dry season (December to April) we mucho more wildlife activity on the river. This because the main river is the only place with water. All the wildlife of Caño Negro will be there!
Also, we are going to have many more places where to go hiking in the forest of Caño Negro Wetlands.
Meanwhile, during the rainy season, we are going to have more options where to go, but fewer places for hiking.
But there is one major fact that you can be sure: we have always plenty of places to visit. We can organize every day some new expedition.


Make a difference in your vacation. Get in touch with nature.

Let’s go canoeing in the National Refuge of Caño Negro.

Reserve on time your adventure vacation package. You can choose from one of our pre-designed vacation packages, or you can request a customized one.
We can offer from beginner excursion to a more advanced tour. We can mix with hiking or even a full day. And, if you have any particular wish, please do not hesitate to write to us.

If you are planning your vacation in Costa Rica, and canoe or kayak is your thing, you have to come to Caño Negro. With Hotel de Campo, you will not be disappointed.

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