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Aug 21 2021

Hotel de Campo Caño Negro Costa Rica

Hotel de Campo Caño Negro Costa Rica, since 1998, we tour around Caño Negro. Caño Negro Refuge is one of the most important birding hotspots in Costa Rica. Contact us, and request a custom photography package for your next vacation. Hotel de Campo Caño Negro, in Costa Rica, is located just in front of the lagoon of the National Refuge Caño Negro. From here, all tours in the refuge of Caño Negro begin. When you visit Caño Negro, Hotel de Campo is the place where to stay. Comfortable separated rooms into a big...

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Mar 01 2020

Tips in Costa Rica: Walk through a botanical garden

Tips in Costa Rica: Get to know the local flora and fauna better through a botanical garden.In the national nature reserve Caño Negro in the north, a trip through the beautiful nature is always fun. The hotel "Hotel de Campo" is located directly at the lagoon of the nature reserve. The Eco-Lodge Hotel has a lot to offer. An own botanical garden belongs to it and is one of the tips in Costa Rica....

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Costa Rica Tipps
Feb 28 2020

6 tips, what you can do on vacation in Costa Rica

The Costa Rica vacation is characterized by breathtaking flora and fauna. Especially in the national nature refuge Caño Negro in the north you can admire them. Here you will find the hotel “Hotel de Campo“. This is the only hotel, which is located directly at the lagoon of the nature reserve.  The eco-hotel offers a wide range of activities in the nature such as bird watching, an exciting night tour in the jungle and much more!...

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