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Jun 12 2019

Eco Boat Tour in Caño Negro Refuge

We had a big group from Holland here, who joined us on an Eco Boat Tour thru the Caño Negro Refuge.  Right in front of our hotel we saw Howler Monkeys and later on we were lucky to spot Capuchin Monkeys in a palm tree. We drove by a lot of caimans at the shore, Amazon Kingfishers flew by, Boat-billed Herons were sitting in the tree, bats hung on a tree and so much more. ...

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Jun 11 2019

The Kingfisher Tour

We got a last minute booking the night before for a 6am boat tour today. The couple are here for their Honeymoon and just wanted to see some animals and nature. At the end, they became very interested in birds.  We started with an Anhinga couple, sitting on a branch. As we further went into the Caño Negro Refuge on the river, we were able to see every Kingfisher resistant we have here – Ringed, Amazon, Green-and-rufous, Green and the American Pygmy Kingfisher.   Amazon-Kingfisher...

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