Internship EcoTourism Program in Costa Rica

With emphasis on ecological and farming duties

Ecotourism program objectives:

  1. Improve the biological corridor between 2 of the most important lagoons of the Caño Negro Wildlife Refuge.
  2. Improve the area biodiversity.
  3. Implement new spots and recreation areas for birders, photographers and nature lovers as an example: bird feeders and flowers areas.
  4. Organic production for restaurant usage.

Biological Corridor maintenance between “Los Rios” and “La Capilla” lagoons.

The corridor is a 20 year old project, formed by a forest and a botanical garden. It goes through a large area, coming from Cano Negro Wetlands passing by our botanical garden continuing to the wood and “Los Rios” lagoon extended to more wood hectares.

The wood inside the corridor has a huge importance for the variety of animals species which habitat in continuously decrease by deforestation. Within the corridor we created along of the last 20 years we can find approximately 50 individuals of a spider monkey family, 20 individuals of a howler monkey family, 15 individuals of white-faced monkeys, 8 slots, a big mammals variety (deer, wild pigs and others), 20 species of frogs and toads, snakes and more.

Our property is formed by 6 hectares in which is needed to maintenance facilities, garden, wood and trails.

Forest maintenance program


  • General plants maintenance (prune, fertilize) and reforestation.
  • Maintenance of the trails and the wildlife spotting stations.
  • Biology data recollect of the local species.

Botanical garden maintenance program


  • General plants maintenance (prune, fertilize, plant) of trees,  fruits tree, orchid, medical plant that are already in the garden.
  • Maintenance and creations of natural spaces specifics for hummingbirds, to attract and host it an a natural way 
  • Maintenance and creations of natural spaces specifics for butterflies, to attract and host it an a natural way

Programs are directed to:

  • Wildlife Reserve
  • Hotel & Tourism Management
  • Butterfly and Botanical Gardens
  • Agroecological Farming
  • Environmental Support
  • Animal Care

About the botanical garden.

 The botanical garden as a very important part of the biological corridor. It has the functionality to increase, protect and develop the presence of the forest and lagoons biodiversity, giving them greatest choice for food and habitat.

Taking care of the habitat of flowers and plants that serves as food to important species like our daily guest a big spider monkey family, howler monkeys and white-faced monkeys and slots. As well mammals as tepezcuintle, coati, raccoon, opossum and felines like ocelot.

This project fulfills our commitment to decrease the environmental impact cause by local and agricultural development, offering a comfortable place in the most natural concept possible.

As value added it’s not only conservation but Hotel naturally and organically fruits and herb production.

Plant nursery program

The botanical garden and the forest constantly need new species or replace the olds one. Looking for the most efficiency, the nursery plant garden will fulfill both programs.


  • Seeds collection and separation, soil preparation, and planting.

Animal farm care program


  • Prepare natural food recollecting fruits and and other lefts from the botanical garden.
  • Daily feeding animal preparation.
  • Collaborate with farmyard cleaning and animal healthy.

Internship EcoTourism Program

In Touch With Ecology

  • At least 18 years of age
  • Sociable person
  • Flexible; Willing to do various tasks based on season and project needs
  • Healthy and physically prepared to do manual labor in a rural setting
  • Hard working, ready to do anything!
  • Positive mindset
  • Responsible and safety minded
  • Basic Spanish language skills
  • Knowledge on agriculture and nature conservancy.

Basic working time is from Monday to Fridays, from 7am to 4pm.

This working time can change according to the needs of the program and the hotel guests.

  • Airport pick-up.
  • Host family accommodations (shared room) first night in San José.
  • Accommodation in an shared hotel room with private bathroom.
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner, natural fruits drinks 7 days/week with the hotel stuff. Local food.
  • Limited internet access.
  • Official certificate of volunteer service.
  • Letter of recommendation.

Dates available May, June, September to middle December.

Fees: US$ 395 por week (7 days – 6 nights).

Minimum duration of the program is 2 weeks.

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