Birding photographer boat tour

With Greg Lavaty.
Sep 30 2019

Birding photographer boat tour

Birding photographer boat tour with Greg Lavarty

Professional birding photography tour.


We recently have the visit of Greg Lavaty, a Texas birding photographer, with Linda Murdock and Bill.

They spend a couple of nights at Hotel de Campo. It was a pleasure birding with them.

They arrive in the afternoon of a September’s tour for Birdwatching in Costa Rica, promoted by Greg. Please have a look at Greg’s web page for more info.

As soon as they come off the car, Greg, Linda and Bill took their camera, and begin birding in our botanica garden. A nice afternoon. They’re was looking for the Spot-breasted wren.

Day 1 of birdwatching boat tour.

The next day we wake up early, and we decide to go river up, in a more foresty part of the refuge. It was a clear sunny morning, perfect for photography.
Just outside of the peer, a Jacana with the chicks. Gorgeous little birds walking on the lilies, under the care of his dad. October is a good month of the year to take beautiful pictures of these little fragile birds.


From the very high, posted on a high perch, a prey bird that Linda likes. It was a Roadside hawk. After immortalizing a few iguanas, green herons and great egrets, we went into the river, where we also spot a Pale-billed woodpecker, jumping around the tree.

That day, and the day after, green ibis was very active. We spot them on the ground foraging, on trees, flying… I am sure they have a good collection of this mystic bird.


We find a very collaborative pygmy kingfisher. In this season they normally hide in the forest, where the river flood out. They prefer fishing in very shallows water, far away from humans. But this one gives us enough time to have very nice pictures.

Along the river, ringed and amazon kingfisher was spotted here and there. In Caño Negro we have 6 kinds of kingfishers. From the biggest Ringed kingfisher, to the very small pygmy kingfisher, you can spot the belted kingfisher (mostly from November to April), the green kingfisher, the green-and-rufous kingfisher, the Amazon kingfisher.
Caño Negro refuge is not only about birds. It is also about monkeys.
We can spot the three kinds of them: the spider monkeys, the howler monkey and the capuchin monkey.

Day 1 of birdwatching boat tour.

The next morning we went mostly for prey birds. They’re was very interested in yellow-headed caracara, but unfortunately, we could not spot, just the crested caracara.

Birding photographer boat tour with Greg Lavarty

A very nice keel-billed toucan show up, and dozens of pictures were taken. At the end of the tour, we could spot a couple of Snail kite, one of them a juvenile. They’re perch on a little stick in the middle of the lagoon and flying around in search of a snail.



From Texas with passion for Costa Rica birds.

I have to thanks Greg, Linda and Bill to give me the privilege to let us guide them around Caño Negro. I spend a very nice time birding.


Please visit our birder friends social channel:
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2. Linda Murdock: Web Site, Facebook, Instagram, Pinteres, Twitter.


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