Lesser Yellow-headed Vulture

Jul 22 2019

Lesser Yellow-headed Vulture

The Lesser Yellow-headed Vulture (Cathartes burrovianus) was the star of the birdwatching tour this afternoon. It was a while that we couldn’t see.

Today, the afternoon birding and wildlife tour in the Refuge of Caño Negro was really nice.

Lesser Yellow-headed Vulture

In flight is very similar to the Turkey Vulture, unless the orange-yellow head color in the head.

Fairly common

The Lesser is fairly common in the National Refuge of Caño Negro, but is rare to casual in Pacific lowlands.
Even so, the Lesser Yellow-headed Vulture doesn’t remain in the same place, so is not always possible to spot.

Lesser Yellow-headed Vulture
Cathartes burrovianus

According to eBirds, is slightly smaller than the Turkey Vulture. The head is more colorful, with a yellow face and pale blue crown. When you spot at a distance, the head appears paler than dark red head of Turkey Vulture. The upperwings show stronger whitish patches on the tips, rather than the pale brownish patches of Turkey Vulture.

Lesser Yellow-headed Vulture
Lesser Yellow-headed Vulture, you can se the blue and red over the head

An interesting fact

According to oiseaux-birds, is that “…The Lesser Yellow-headed Vulture’s head colors change according to its mood. Colors become more intense to indicate the dominance, and particularly when they gather at carcasses. These changes probably play also a role during all the displays, either in courtship or in defence behaviour …

Lesser Yellow-headed Vulture
Lesser Yellow-headed Vulture you can see the yellow-orange

During this birdwatching and wildlife tour with a nice family from holland, we also had the chance to spot a gorgeous Snail kite very close to the nest. Actually, in a very short range we spot at least other two couples of Snail Kite, and one of them with a juvenile.

Snail kite, Rostrhamus sociabilis
Snail kite, Rostrhamus sociabilis

About the wildlife, howler monkeys with babies, an hanging slot, and few caimans where around.
For a short afternoon 2 hours tour, it was really a great tour.

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