Sep 03 2020

Hotel Rooms

The Eco Lodge Hotel de Campo offers 16 rooms, divided in 7 Bungalows located in our natural grounds. All rooms come with private bathrooms, fans, air-conditioning, safe box and hot water. We built them in a country style with a touch of Italian design. The rooms has top quality woods furnitures, terra-cotta floors, ceiling wood....

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agami heron, birdwatching photography vacations Costa Rica
May 05 2019

birding photography vacations Costa Rica

Fully customizable birdwatching photography vacations: Birdwatching photography vacations in Costa Rica are special ones. Caño Negro is well known and famous to be a birding photography zone. There are 340 different types of birds in the Refuge of Caño Negro, more than 100 of them resident in our Eco Lodge. Stroll through our botanical garden and go on a private Birdwatching Tour with our hotel own expert guides to explore them. Nature photography vacations in Costa Rica, at Caño Negro Refuge, will be the best destination for your loved passion.We offer you special...

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