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Dec 09 2019

Birding in Costa Rica with Italian paisano

Birding with Italian paisano, a fun experience even if the weather was against us. The first week of December and a sudden light tropical storm arrive in Caño Negro for a few days. Beside the wheater, we could catch 2 clear afternoons with an amazing sunset. Over the 2 days, the birding list comes up to 70+ species. On the birding list, we do not include all the very very common birds you can find around, like the passerini, tody, blue and grey tanager. As soon as Alessandro arrives with Renzo (our Italian...

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gray headed kite birding Costa Rica
Nov 25 2019

Birds of prey Costa Rica

Birds of prey in Costa Rica. Caño Negro wetland is a place you must visit. Birds of prey are spotted all year around. Your birding day may include the very common Roadside Hawk, Snail kite, Osprey, Black-collared Hawk, Peregrin Falcon, Crested caracara, yellow-headed caracara, Laughing Falcon, Bat Falcon, White tail kite, Crane Hawk, Gray Hawk....

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